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How Plain Cotton is committed to sustainable clothing

Plain Cotton is here to change the apparel industry. Not only fairer prices but also making the industry more sustainable. After all, nice clothes are of no use to us if the world ends. That is why we are committed to making things more sustainable step by step. But what is sustainable clothing? When is clothing sustainable? Clothing can become more sustainable in various ways. First of all, our clothing lasts a long time, unlike the fast fashion of, for example, ZARA. This is of course not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. Deforestation is also a major problem. That's why we plant a tree for every order. 

The Prime collection is our most sustainable collection. Only 100% organic cotton and recycled materials are used for production. Because we use organic cotton, 91% less water is needed for production. In addition, no pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers are used. This way we keep the water clean and that is good for flora and fauna and for healthy soil. 

In short, Plain Cotton is the place for your sustainable clothing online. 

In short, this is how we provide sustainable clothing: 

  • Clothing that lasts longer

  • As many organic and recycled materials as possible

  • One tree planted per order

Our sustainable clothing not only lasts a long time because the materials are so good, but also because the clothing is timeless. Because we do not use trend-dependent prints, your clothing always remains in fashion. Let's be honest, a nice sweater is always possible, right? In the Netherlands alone, 135 million (!) kilos of clothing are returned every year. By choosing sustainable clothing that lasts a long time but never goes out of fashion, you can also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world. 

In addition to sustainable clothing, we also think it is important that everyone can dress well. That is why the Essential collection has been launched. With this collection we offer affordable clothing basics of good quality. Because we believe that everyone has the right to good quality clothing.





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