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How do I extend the lifespan of my clothing?

Before we explain how to ensure that your sustainable clothing lasts a long time, it is good to first explain why it is so important to ensure the long life of your clothing. We can give many important sustainable arguments why it is important, but let us first say that it is also very good for your wallet. Life is expensive enough, right? In addition, it is also better for the environment. Although we focus on sustainable clothing as much as possible, it remains important that less clothing is produced. 

Buy durable clothing that will last a long time

Let's start with perhaps the best advice: buy durable clothing that will last a long time. Fast fashion chains such as ZARA usually do not sell sustainable clothing and the clothing they do sell often breaks quickly or becomes ugly. Therefore, buy durable clothing that will last a long time. That may be slightly more expensive than fast fashion, but it will last a lot longer. Sustainable clothing is simply a good investment! 

Smart washing

The best way to wash is to wash as little as possible. Unfortunately, even Plain Cotton's sustainable clothing becomes less beautiful after being washed too often. Of course this takes longer than with fast fashion, but ultimately washing is just bad for your clothes. However, you obviously prefer not to wear smelly clothes, so you will have to wash every now and then. When washing, always try to sort by these types of laundry: white, black and color. Then use specific detergent that matches those colour(s). In addition, you should never wash warmer than 30 degrees. This may be desirable for your underwear, so wash it separately. For dark clothes, it is always a good idea to wash them inside out. If you follow these tips when washing, your clothes will stay beautiful for the longest time. But above all, avoid the dryer! The dryer is the silent killer of your clothes. Just don't use it. Point.



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