The Plain Cotton ambassador program

Plain Cotton exists to change the fashion industry. We want to do that together with you. As a Plain Cotton Ambassador you spread our message to your friends. You can earn great rewards in the form of free clothing. Together we make the fashion industry more sustainable and you earn great rewards. We prefer to reward our fans than expensive advertising platforms.

What keeps it Plain Cotton
ambassador program?

As an ambassador of Plain Cotton you will receive a personal discount code with which you can:
can motivate others to make the sustainable choice. For every order placed
with your unique code, you will receive a point that you can exchange for great rewards.

Good story! How exactly does it work?

1. Send an email

Send an email to indicating your interest in the referral program.

2. Your unique code

You will receive a unique code from us that you can share with everyone. Each friend receives 10% off by using the code at checkout.

3. Receive your rewards

The more often your unique code is used, the higher the rewards you will receive from us. We prefer to reward our fans than large advertising platforms.

What are the rewards?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my points?

How can I keep track of how many points I have?

How do I get my unique code?

Do you choose the products as rewards?

How often can my code be used?