Don't pay for the brand

With us you pay for quality and sustainability. Not for a brand name.
You decide who you are, not the brand on your clothes. That is why you will not find a brand name or logo on our clothing.

Plain Cotton

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An honest
price for clothes.

The choice of high-quality materials is reflected in every garment. This is comfortable and lasts longer. We use high-quality materials and emphasize the finish. No protruding stitches and sleek down to the last detail. The least you can expect from us.

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Good for you.
Even better for
the environment.

You deserve the best quality clothing, but we cannot forget the world. Sustainability is central to our production. From beginning to end. We focus on clothing that lasts a long time. Good for your wallet, but especially the environment. A win-win. We also use sustainable materials in the production process, such as organic cotton.

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ο»ΏThe Essential collection forms the basis of your wardrobe. High-quality clothing that you can wear for almost any occasion.


The Prime collection is made for people who want to feel and radiate that little bit extra in their clothing. In addition to extra comfort, the premium quality also offers the perfect appearance.


The Cotton + collection exceeds all expectations. Only the best materials are chosen for each product.