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Meet the Prime collection

The Prime collection is made for people who want to feel and radiate that little bit extra in their clothing. In addition, it is also our most sustainable clothing.

With the Prime Collection we are launching our most sustainable clothing collection to date. By using recycled materials and 100% organic cotton. Because we use organic cotton, 91% less water is needed for production. In addition, no pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers are used. This way we keep the water clean, which is good for flora and fauna and for healthy soil. That is why sustainable clothing is so important.

In addition to being the most sustainable collection, the Prime Collection is also our best collection in terms of quality. It is comfortable clothing that also looks beautiful. Just like our other collections, the excellent collection consists of unisex clothing. The Prime Collection is also available in larger sizes. While many sustainable clothing skips large sizes, we do not. The sustainable clothing from the Prime Collection therefore goes up to size 5XL.

The absolute eye-catcher in the Prime Collection is the Prime Crewneck. This sweater has a nice fit and is suitable for dressier occasions as well as for an evening on the couch. The soft organic fabrics make the sweater extremely comfortable to wear. An absolute must-have.

In addition to the beautiful appearance, the sweater is also extremely comfortable thanks to the soft fabric. It is the perfect casual sweater that can be worn for both dressier occasions and an evening at home. And this sweater also falls under our sustainable clothing!

The Prime Collection in short:

  • Sustainable clothing
  • High quality clothing
  • Comfortable

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