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You may have already noticed: we do not offer next day delivery.

Research by market research agency Conclusr shows that in 2015 the number of unsold clothing items was around 21 million (!). This means that a huge amount of clothing is produced that is ultimately no longer sold. Quite a shame, right?

With Plain Cotton we want to make the clothing industry more sustainable, cleaner and fairer. This means that we think it is important to have sustainable clothing, but also not to produce more than is necessary. That is why we do not keep stock. This way we can better tailor production to what is actually sold. This means less clothing is wasted. Unfortunately, this means that it will take a little longer before you can stroll around in your new Plain Cotton clothing. So you have to be patient when you order from us, but Mother Earth really appreciates that! Not only that, our sustainable clothing is certainly worth the wait, if we say so ourselves.

Now you may also be wondering what we do with clothing that is returned or has a defect. We never throw away clothes. There is always a good purpose for the clothing. We reuse clothing that is returned for new orders, unless it can no longer be sold. In that case it goes in the donation box. We donate all clothing that is no longer usable for sale to charities. This way, clothing is never lost unnecessarily and we help organizations that help people in need.

In short, you have to wait a little longer with us, but it is definitely worth it!

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