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Plain cotton: affordable and durable clothing of good quality 

We've all been there when shopping: turning over the price tag and being shocked at the price on it. You feel the garment, take a closer look and ask yourself why the price is so high? If it also turns out that the quality is not special and the materials partly consist of artificial substances, you are almost certain that you are not paying for the garment, but for the brand. 

Plain Cotton 

I was recently approached by two friends who have started their own clothing brand: Plain Cotton. A clothing brand that calls itself affordable, sustainable and of good quality. I was allowed to pick out some clothing items and experience for myself what I think of them. As a clothing lover, I couldn't say no to this and I was curious whether I also experience the things they claim in the same way.

Through some digging on their website, I'm trying to figure out what sets Plain Cotton apart from the crowd. What I like is that Plain Cotton emphasizes that with them you do not pay for the brand, but for the quality and that for a fair price. I also read a lot about responding to sustainability. Because the good quality of the materials makes the clothing last a long time. In addition, a tree is planted with every order: a win-win situation. When you buy something from Plain Cotton, you also contribute to a more sustainable clothing world. 

Don't just place an order 

I choose a basic white t-shirt and an oversized prime hoodie in the color dessert dust. I'm very curious whether the quality is really that good and whether you get value for your money. I soon receive an email with the order overview. Not much later, an email follows with a funny piece of text about my order. 'The confetti is falling from the sky and the champagne has been opened', they are so happy with my order. The expected delivery time is stated, I am thanked and it is also stated that a tree will be planted after my order. Not only does the funny text make me feel happy, but the idea that new life is being planted through my order also gives me a good feeling. 

Two days later I receive another email with an interim status of my order. "The confetti has now been cleared away and the champagne has been drunk, we are now working hard to ship your order," it says. Good, because I'm now starting to become very curious about what I ordered. At the end of the email, a short blog will provide some tips on how to keep your new clothes beautiful for as long as possible. Pretty smart, since I don't really think about it that much. 

Worth the wait 

Finally my package is delivered and I can't wait for the moment supreme. When you open the box you will receive a nice thank you card. Personal cards always do well. I take the clothes out of the foil and start with the white t-shirt. The shirt feels soft, but sturdy and the round neck is beautifully finished. You see and feel that this is not rubbish. The t-shirt is made of 100% vegan cotton, so it makes sense that the quality is good! 

The hoodie also feels very heavy and sturdy. The seams of the pouch pocket are refined and the hood is nice and large. The inside is soft and fits well on your body. The color is very beautiful and these materials also consist of 100% cotton. This will be my new living hoodie! 

Comfy, sustainable & stylish 

I am very happy with my Plain Cotton clothing! In addition to the enthusiastic service where I was kept well informed about my order, I found the tips to extend the lifespan of your clothing as long as possible very useful. The clothing is really of good quality, you can see and feel that. So you are indeed not paying for the brand, but really for the materials of the clothing, which ensures good quality. I think that is more than important. I have quite a bit of money left over for clothes, but the quality has to be really good so that they last me a long time. The fact that I also contribute to a more sustainable clothing world is a reason for me to definitely order from Plain Cotton again. 

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